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 If you call us today we can help you:

  1. Reduce debt payments drastically

  2. Avoid legal action from credit providers

  3. Steer clear of being black listed

  4. Make only one monthly payment to credit providers.


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   Our main approaches are:


Reduce your payments by 40% to 60%


Lower your unsecured debt


Arrange one simple monthly payment
Don't risk your home or other personal property if you miss a payment


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What we do

The rising cost of living expenses and the current economic situation is not

helping anyone to get ahead financially. Our trained debt consultants will help

you put together a plan to take back control of your finances so you can live debt free.

Client Cases

The latest statistics show that over 7 million people in South Africa are over

indebted and in need of debt counseling to solve their debt problems. You too

can be debt free by calling a debt counselor at D-Review for assistance and

expert advice.

The National Credit Regulator legislated the National Credit Act in June 2007

to assist over indebted people with debt problems to solve their debt without

any further loans. The NCR protects the consumer from debt problems and the

credit providers from reckless lending. D-Review is an independent company and

our registered debt counselors are on standby to help all people with debt problems

to take back control of their finances. Debt counseling will help you to be debt free

and only to pay your creditors what you can afford.

Contact D-Review today and trust our debt counselors to restructure your

monthly debt repayments to your creditors to what you can afford. Debt

counseling also protects the consumer against any legal action from the credit

providers for 60 days.





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