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 If you call us today we can help you:

  1. Reduce debt payments drastically

  2. Avoid legal action from credit providers

  3. Steer clear of being black listed

  4. Make only one monthly payment to credit providers.


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   Our main approaches are:


Reduce your payments by 40% to 60%


Lower your unsecured debt


Arrange one simple monthly payment
Don't risk your home or other personal property if you miss a payment


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  Contact Us:  

083 557 1148




Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will attempt to answer all debt counselling related questions. Simply click on a question below to view an answer.

Ω How will Debt Counselling affect me?
Ω What are the benefits of Debt Counselling?
Ω Where can I find out more information about the NCR and NCA?
Ω How does D-Review choose Debt Counsellors?
Ω The difference between Debt Counselling, administration and liquidation?
Ω What fees will the consumer have to pay to the Debt Counsellors?
Ω What is a credit bureau report and how do I get mine?
Ω Can I apply for credit while under Debt Review with a Debt Counsellors?
Ω Will I be black-listed if I apply for Debt Review with a Debt Counsellor?
Ω At what stage will my listing be removed form the Credit Bureau?
Ω What will happen if a creditor lends the consumer money while he is under Debt Review?
Ω What accounts can be included in a Debt Review process with a Debt Counsellor?
Ω Is there a way that my debt can be consolidated?
Ω Why can a Garnishee (Emolument Attachment Order) not be included?
Ω Can a consumer see a Debt Counsellor if they have received a letter of demand?
Ω Can I still go under Debt Review if I have been black-listed by a creditor?
Ω Must I continue to pay my accounts?
Ω What proof will I have that I am under Debt Review?
Ω When is a consumer under Debt Review?
Ω What happens I receive a letter of demand?
Ω If a consumer is not over-indebted, can they still apply for Debt Review?

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